Where nerding and Chinese medicine combine

The Ikivesi.net site first appeared during the February 2009 and has been renewed during 2013. The site used to house TaoTao-Project, some introductionary material to Chinese medicine and contact information for clinical appointments. Growing amount of Chinese medicine information in Finnish language forced to move the Finnish writings to separate site about Chinese medicine and acupunture. TaoTao-Project was also moved to its own domain as the content was not intended for my personal writings.

With renewal of the site I decided to use these pages for blogging about Taoist Acupuncture as I had forgotten to renew my old blogging domain (taoistacupuncture.net).

The site itself will be also expanded from clinical and Taoist stuff to contain also bit more nerdy subjects like experiences about using OpenERP (great open source enterprise resource planning software) as accounting and billing software for small clinic and information about using Emacs with Org-mode to be your appointment calendar as it includes Chinese stems and branches calculations and it can be used to store encrypted patient data directly in calendar.